Prototype – Test


I made this prototype in 2 weeks in the context of a test.

I designed and scripted everything from scratch, except the little script that made the water move. I also created the few 3D assets, using Google Sketchup.

You can play it here or download the result here.
(You can press R to reload the prototype, and press T during the main menu to get the other option or at the beginning of the tutorial to skip all the messages) 

2 weeks prototype:

I spent the beginning of the first week thinking the design, and the end thinking of the technical aspects and the several options I had in case I didn’t succeed in scripting my first ideas. The main choice was the hexagonal grid, because I’ve never made a video game project using hexagonal grid, so I had to spend a lot of time learning how an hexagonal grid works, all the different algorithms to calculate distance, path-finding, etc.

In the end I manage to make my hexagonal grid works at the beginning of the second week. I spent the other days making the gameplays, debugging and adding some feedbacks.

I chose to make a tutorial, in order to show what the start of the game could look like and how it can evolve. I think that it shows pretty well the core gameplay and player can easily imagine what could go next.

In conclusion:

+ / First project using hexagonal grid.

+ / Able to detect possible problems and find different options to resolve them.

- / Need to spend more time in some aspects like balancing and user experience.