This project was developed in one week by 6 students.
(Blachère Paul, Blanchon Pierre, Bricout Frederic, Brillet Sylvain, Piton Ingrid, Rasimi Théo)

I was game designer and programmer during this week, so I’ve made the high-concept,  the code, the integration of assets, and integrated all the « particles » effects.

My work was very instructive because I had very quickly the core gameplay, so I focused on developing tools to help game designers tweaking the game and creating levels. It really was a good experience to make my work understandable for others. That was the first time I had to do it.

We had to develop 3 levels : easy, medium and hard.

Here is the easy one, with the tutorial screen.

[original size : 960*640 ; here : 700*465]